About Wordfeed

Wordfeed is an open, collaborative event listing database for the UK performance poetry scene. We welcome listings for all sorts of recurring or regular events: open mics, slams, poetry-related film screenings, and any and all sorts of weirder events. It’s come about because a couple of poets thought it was utterly unfair that the salsa and the kink scenes both have excellent event hubs, so where was ours? We’re at least as great as the salsa scene. Comedy events are also welcome, but we know that the comedy scene has great online communities of its own so we’d encourage comedy events only if they have poetry crossover. On the other hand, do whatever you want, we’re not your parents.

We have rules:

  • No spam, advertising unrelated to the UK poetry scene, or unpleasant and annoying advertising of any sort, really. Seriously. Don’t ruin this for others.
  • If you’re posting event listings, you’ve got a lot of power, so make it count – label your locations accurately so people can find them, link to your Facebook and other social media pages, and give plenty of useful information! Remember you can edit your events after they’re posted.
  • The site is currently pretty bare-bones on purpose – we want to grow with your help! If you have suggestions for features, hit us up: raphaelkabo@gmail.com.
  • Be kind and help others to be kind. That’s not a site rule; that’s just for life.